Just waiting and the power of positive thinking!

I'm just waiting for official word, the job starts early August. LOL. I've been told to switch my vacation time to the end of this month. I can also stay home for a few extra weeks and start things before I have to move... I think I'll keep the house for this year at least, so DD can finish up here. All the paperwork should be signed by early next week. My head is spinning just a bit! Two years ago I changed my attitude at work, I went from being cranky and negative to putting a positive spin on everything. Since then my career posibilties have taken off! The power of positive thinking.

Holy moley, BIG changes are coming! LOL.

Today's spending 7,000 cheque for my renovations ( the first of 3 installments), 12 on lottery tickets, 57 on dog stuff, 30 for gas for my sister, and 1.55 on a coffee. Oh yeah and 3.50 ish on gum and candy for my desk.


Canadian Saver said…
Ouch, that's a big check! But the results will be very worth it!!
It looks amazing already!

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