July 5,2009

I spent about 125 today on gas, lunch, and a light fixture for the back door. I found one Iliked for the front but they had none in stock. My mother is going to look for me where she is.

Just spoke to DD, not having much fun. Not enough history for her. She's disappointed with what they've seen so far. I'm hoping that she changes her tune and soon! She said is if doesn't get better she'll fly home. I hope she stays.

What would you do if an ex from your past keeps popping up at random points in your life? I'm puzzling this one out in my head right now. LOL.

Back to work tomorrow :( But I have more time coming in August).


Canadian Saver said…
Soo glad you heard from your DD!! I hope things get better for her... How many more days??

About the ex, I can't help there...

Sorry about the going back to work tomorrow, I know that dreaded feeling after a good vacation. At least you have more time off to look forward to soon! I don't have more than 2 days off in a row until September 12th!
OH, that's not cool, but you'll take vacation in Sept or Oct? Next year I'm taking time in September. She has 8 more days left.
Christine said…
I was going to say $125 on gas, lunch... then I saw the light fixture. lol.

I wish I could give you advice about the ex, but... well, what is your intentions? Hope you figure it out. :)

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