July 4/2009

Today I spent 68.48 on the grocery store:

House & Home: Food:

kitty litter 8.98 cherries 5.61
dog food 21.99 milk 3.66
paper towel 9.99 bacon 3.00
paper 1.50 tomatoes 2.50
litter scoop 1.49 feta 3.99
bag 0.05

subtotal 44 .00 total 18.76
tax 5.72
total 49.72

overall total =68.48

I'm on track for keeping my groceries under 30.00 for the past month, but my addiction to potato chips is not helping. So for the next week, I'm not buying chips.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to a bigger city as I'm looking for outside lights for my house and every store in this city has the same lights, none of which suit my house. Carriage lamps and bungalows don't mix in my books. Plus I'll look for materials for the bathroom ( I know what I want, I just need to find it and come up with the plan).

DD still hasn't called home, but other parents have heard from their teens. I'm annoyed, as I just want her to call to let me know how she is doing.

I'm back to work on Monday, and I actually had some sunshine today. I took advantage and sat in the sun for an house reading my book. It's supposed to rain until next Thursday.


Frugal Dreamer said…
Yum! I love cherries during the summer!
Canadian Saver said…
I love cherries too!! They are on for a pretty good price this week :-)

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