July 1 & 2 2009

On Canada Day I spent around 30 @ the store on my bad habit. Today I spent 10.25 on A&W, 40 on a new purse, 1.55 on a coffee and 2.50 for parking.

We had an event today before DD left. she tried to use her VISA and its wasn't activated. I tried using her cell phone to call our bank but the battery died, so the kind girls in the store allowed me to use the phone to activate the card! After 10 minutes it was done and she used the card successfully. I was not pleased as I distinctly remember calling to activate the card as the lady on the phone couldn't pronounce DD's name and I had to repeat it over and over before she got it. I'd like to thank the gentleman who took my call and got everything corrected.

DD is off for her trip to Europe and should hand in London tomorrow morning. I'll have a very quiet home for the next 12 days.

My plans for tomorrow are to call my contractor, make an appointment for my car inspection, and either clean the inside of the house or do outside work. Plus I'm planning on picking strawberries and freezing them for the winter.

I'm hoping that July's finances will be stable and that I can make extra payments towards my student loan.


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