July 6/2009

On Monday i ended up spending 37.00 on my bad habit.
I did manage to mow the lawn and cooked supper for myself ( which isn't fun cooking for 1).

As for the ex, its been a very long time, and he keeps popping back at random points, and we live in different places. Not sure what's happening, we'll wait and see. All I can say is that after all this time, we can still laugh and joke about life.

DD'a seems to be making out better on her trip. I had a message on face book from her.

Work, well I getting everything finalized for the change. I'm going for a couple of days of training and I've got lots to learn. But I'm excited as this is another new position that I'm creating and it'll look good on the old resume. It does mean that I'll be letting go of a few of my current duties, but how many people can say that they've created and developed a new job description at their work place? Ironically I'll be dealing with budgets for a good chunk of my job. LOL


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