The final total

My exterior home renovations ended up costing 20571.64. That included stripping and re insulating the entire house, 17 new windows, new front and back door, reframing and cutting out 4 windows and boarding in 3 windows, plus new siding soffit and fascia. They reinstalled all the lights and clothes line, plus the mail box. I also spent another 360 ish on 3 outdoor lights and a dead bolt lock set for the front door.

I love the look of the house and once I start the inside I love it even more.

I ended up buying take out for supper ( 40 for chinese and enough for tomorrow) as puppy did a runner on DD and was so dirty. He ended up getting in the tub and i spent well over an hour getting him cleaned up. He did lose about 5 lbs of fur in the process. He even looks smaller now. I ended up using my hair brush on him, and it works much better than a dogs brush. Condering that I bough a Goody brush for a buck in May and a dogs brush is at least 5, I think it was a good option.

Nothing about the new job yet... I'm taking next week off, and i still have 4 weeks of time left... I'll see what happens with that and maybe I could get it paid out ( it would be a couple of thousand in my pocket). Food for thought.


Canadian Saver said…
I wish we could see a before/after pic! I'm sure it looks amazing :-)

Have you ever heard of the Furminator? Others have posted about it on a discussion board and said it works great...

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