Before & After Photos

If you think you know me or my house Please don't blow my cover... You can talk to @ home or work about it! Thanks Sam. PS I'll only leave this post up for a day or two then I'll delete it. Canadian Saver this is for you!


Canadian Saver said…
I love it!!! Love your windows too, man we've put off ordering ours for way too long. Next weekend!!

I still can't figure out where in NB you live!!!

Again, it's a great remodel!
The windows are Allsco, just plain up and down sliders where the bottom pane flips down for cleaning. Its way cheaper going through a contractor to get the windows and having them install them.

I'll give you a hint to here I live.. The name is found in a Great Big Sea song. LOL
Christine said…
Oh, it looks great! How exciting for U!
Sher said…
Can I ask the color and maker of your house paint? Love it and I am searching for the perfect yellow as well. I'm a bit cross eyed looking at all the different shades!

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