Wednesday June 17, 2009

I spent 34 on gas and 4 on a scratch ticket ( I did break even). I also got my 50 gift card for my contacts and I used it on a pair of flip flops, 2 graduation cards, chips and dip the total was 29.

I did nothing last night as I still don't feel well and I'm going to work this morning to get a few things done, but mu plan is to leave this afternoon and come home and sleep.

I also forgot to add that DD went to the after prom party with her friends, and as i was getting up for work, she and her friends got home. So I ended up having breakfast with the girls before they went off to bed. Don't worry, no one drove, they had a tent pitched, and a friends dad picked them up and drove them home. The kids are pretty responsible when it comes to this type of thing.

My next door neighbour had all of the overgrown, dead trees removed form her back yard yesterday. I stood outside last night and was amazed that I could see blue skies...

I also broke my glasses in 2 in the morning. I most have fallen asleep with them beside me, and they ended up underneath me some how. I put them on, and they were too wide, so i tried to bend them in and the bridge split in 2. So now I have no choice but to get glasses ASAP.

More money out the door. SIGH...


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