Tuesday June 9/09

I worked until 10 last night. It was fast 5 hours @ my PT job. I did make 50 dollars, which was 20 more than i made on Saturday night.

I didn't spend anything yesterday, so I have 2 no spend days for the month now. Today I have training for 1/2 the day, so I'll be running around trying to get a full days work crammed into a few hours. Tomorrow I'll be spending money as I have a hair appointment, plus I'll pay bills. Bell has finally charged for the PPV from New years eve. So its 90.00 for the bill. My hydro bill is a bit lower, but I'm not sure how much lower I can get it. Running a dehumidifier 24/7 adds up quick. It uses the same amount of energy as a fridge, and its an energy efficent one.

I'm hoping to have another no spend day today, as I have everything I need and I'm assuming DD does too.


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