Tuesday June 23/09

Today I withdrew 520 from the bank to pay 120 for DD's trip, 340 Visa, 20 for supper and 40 at the store.

My job description is being changed again... Not in the way I wanted but something different again... It'll be good for my resume and long term goals... I'm working on the schedule right now to figure out what to do when for work...

The weather is terrible and depressing, I'm really unmotivated to do anything right now! I'm hoping to get out of the funk shortly.

PS our raise is on our next cheque- its 50 net - guess who will call and raise the mortgage payment starting in July? ME... It'll knock off 6 years from the mortgage by doing this!


Canadian Saver said…
Wow, I am very impressed about how you are handling your raise!! 6 years, it's incredible when you sit down and do the calculations, huh?

The weather's going to get worse, with the high humidity!!
Rachelle said…
6 years is crazy! I have to learn from you, I would have just accepted it as is and not even noticed where the money went.
I never would have even thought of doing this a few years ago. I guess my 40's will be my time to shine!
Only a 133 days til I hit that magic number!

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