Tuesday June 2/2009

Today I spent 37.00 on supper for DD and I. We joined a friend and her little girl. I have leftovers for DD's lunch tomorrow too. I bought dessert and my friend left the tip ( Our 2 bills came to about 55.00 with tax and she left the waitress 10.00) the service was great and so was the company. I also spent 48.00 on gas and 38.00 for a prescription for cough syrup for DD ( she's had a nasty cough for about a week and my medical plan will only pay for 1 dose of this type per life time without special authorization.) .

I also managed to get the majority of the lawn mowed tonight, but ran out of gas with a small patch left to do. I won't get home from work until late tomorrow night ( I'm guessing 9ish), so I'm glad to get this done!

I need get my garden beds dug up and seeds planted this week and next! Plus I'll buy a couple of tomato plants and cucumber plants. I'm not much of a gardener, but I'll try a little harder this year.


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