Thursday June 4/09

My day started out on a rough note. Puppy bolted out the door just as i was putting him in the kennel. DD told me to drive the car and he'd hop right in. Which he did and was very happy, after he covered me in paw prints. He was tucked safely in his kennel shortly afterward. I thought that the day might get worse, but it got a million times better.

Actually my day got better by 1179 and some change. Appertain my mortgage company paid this years taxes on June 2. My lawyers office called to tell me and I was so excited. I completed all the paperwork, faxed the receipt that i paid to the lawyers office and should have my cheque by the end of the month. I could have my student loan paid off by the end of the month if all works out ( ie. 1500 from DD's father, 1200 over payment, plus my 1000 I have stashed, plus my normals payments).

I also had one productive day at work. My desk is almost completed cleared off! Yahoo, its a good feeling!

Today I spent 8.50 on plants. I got 6 baby tomato ones, 6 green pepper, 12 zinnas, 2 orange geraniums ( gave them to my mom), 5 hollyhocks and 8 others that I can't remember their names. Plus 6 gourd plants that I'll give to a friend. It helped knowing where to find some good deals.I attempted to BBQ for supper but DD was having a rant and everything got singed a bit. We ate it anyways. I did get half of a garden bed turned over too.

My mom came over and we cleaned the kitchen ( the table still needs to be decluttered). living room, stripped the spare room and took everything off the walls, folded baskets of laundry, cleaned the back entrance and bathroom. I also cleaned my bedroom and stripped DD's bed. I tidied up the pantry and gave my mother my swiffer carpet flick for her camping trailer, Christmas tins with a request that they be filled next Christmas, a bag of books for my dad, a roll of wax paper and my Dad's hand saw that's been in my pantry since last Christmas.

I also started the laundry, and i hope that I can put a good dent in it tonight. My mom is going to wash the bedding from the spare room as she has a front loading washer and my washer would ruin the bedding. Plus her clothes line is functioning and she'll hang it to dry.

DD is earning more money for her trip by babysitting tonight ( she should be at 560 by next week).


Canadian Saver said…
That's great news about the $1,179!!

You accomplished a lot for a Thursday :-)

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