Thursday June 25/09

My morning started out with seeing a deer in the filed across from my house. The dog lost his mind and howled at the window for about 20 minutes, but it was very pretty to see.

I spent 15.67 on a gift, card and gift bag for my nephew. He loved his present ( squirt guns and a bubble sword). Supper was great, burgers, spinach salad, BBQ potatoes, pasta salad and cake!

I ended up working late again yesterday, so I'm hoping to leave early today or at least take a break... Its been one of those weeks ( its been happening a lot lately, staying late to get stuff done).I do have to work tonight, but its hard to say how busy it'll be. I'd like to make 100( gas, hose, vent).

DD spoke to the lady she babysits for last night, she's had a few financial snags and can't pay her for another week. So I'm going to have to transfer funds to her account to ensure she has enough money for her trip. :(

My brother is going to help me install the bathroom fan this week-end, so that's one things off my to-do list.

I did get paid yesterday and all the bills are paid, so now I just have to sit on the money...


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