Thursday June 11/09

Today's spending
50 for hair cut ( that including the tip)
45 for physio
285 for the winters oil ( I'll start paying this again in September)
30 for dog food and bones
40 for groceries ( fruit, frozen veggies, mozza cheese, OJ, canola oil and disposable cake pans.
3 for coffee for myself and a co-worker.

I had 250 cash from which I paid the 50 haircut, 90 on the oil, 45 physio, 30 dog food and the 3 coffee. 218 is the total and i have 31.00 left in cash, which i'll use for yard sales on Saturday.

Tomorrow should be another no spend day.


moneyfunk said…
Oh, I hope you find some good stuff at the yard sales. :)
Rachelle said…
I have to start following in your tracks and doing no spend days. I'm so terrible with money and have noticed that unless a day goes by without me spending money, even if just a dollar, I feel something is missing – not good! should be the other way around.
The no spend days I got from Saving 4 Later. :)

It can be a rush not spending any money for a few days.

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