TGIF, June 5/09

Today I never got home from work until after 6:30 and I still have a call to complete to work... Plus i have to do something tomorrow too... But I'm banking the OT. But by working late tonight meant that DD did get to buy her new bras, so it got postponed until tomorrow.

I did spend some money today. about 40 in total for lunch, dog food and of course chips ( my biggest down fall). DD is babysitting again tonight, more money for her trip. She's excited about that.

Tomorrow morning DD and I are going to go to a huge yard sale. I hope to find my bread maker tomorrow. I also need to get a couple of things at the grocery store, but i shouldn't spend any more than 30.00.

So tomorrow will be other spend day.

PS to celebrate the end of the week I'm having a beer! Well deserved after a very busy week!


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