Saturday June 27/09

I'm officially on vacation and the first day included buying a new bathroom exhaust fan as the dog ate a piece out of the one I already had bought... The new fan, hose and outside vent cost 95.00.
In late winter of 2008, my bathroom exhaust fan died. I bought a new one and went to install it. That's when we discovered the asbestos in the attic, and that the exhaust was not vented to the outside. 16 months later, the asbestos has been removed, the new fan installed, the moldy insulation removed and the hose connected. However, the vent is not installed outside yet, as the soffit will be replaced very soon, and my contractor agreed to do this when new soffit and fascia gets installed.

My brother did tell me that my insulation goes right to the edge of the eaves, so I get to spend 1 day of my vacation removing the insulation from the eaves... I'm glad its going to rain for the next week, as it'll make the job easier, less heat. My brother was very impressed with condition of the attic, no stains or signs of leaks. He also liked the fact that the attic has a light installed up there. But the attic light and the fan are on the same switch in the fuse box, and NOT connected to the same one as the bathroom light... Go figure.

DD and I are going to play the fuse game tomorrow, she'll flick the breakers and I'll see whats running off that particular one. Then I'll write it all on the box so when the time comes to sell the house, it'll documented!

Tomorrow the weather is looking ok, so I think we'll head to the beach for the afternoon. Monday is errand day and visiting with friends. Tuesday will be attic/basement day, along with Canada Day. DD leaves this week too, so the packing of the suitcase and making sure she has everything she needs.

Today I spent 35.00 @ Shoppers, and 50 @ Wal-mart. I do believe that DD has everything she needs now for the trip. ( My wallet is hoping so!).


Canadian Saver said…
Enjoy your vacation!! Sounds like you'll be very busy but those changes to the house will make it all worth it when you sell, like you said.

Unreal your DD is already leaving this week!!

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