Saturday, june 13/09

I spent 26.76 . I didn't go to any yard sales, i cleaned and did outside work instead. I did work @ my PT job, and made a grand total of 15.00. Pathetic. I did talk to the manager and I'm only going to work 1/week for the rest of the summer. Which gives me more free time, but less money. I'll just have to budget for 400 less for July and August. But if my student is paid in full and I'm not paying for oil these 2 months, I'll be OK.

I even got to sleep until 7:20 this morning and yesterday I got to sleep until 8:30. I should be having 3 no spend days again this week. I'm going to target Monday, Wednesday and Friday as no spend days.

Today I may drop by a graduation party and give the grad 20.00, and that's all the spending I have planned for today. I'll drop the card off no matter what at some point this week if I don't go today. If the weather improves, we may go to the beach or I could go to a food tasting party. I'm not sure what I'll decide to do.


Canadian Saver said…
I'd pick the food tasting party ;-)

Sounds like a wise decision to pick more time off over more shifts this summer. You always work so much...

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