Monday June 1/09

Today I spent 9.00, 3 to DD for lunch, 5 for a school function and 1 for a bottle of water. I did very little else! Tonight will be devoted to laundry and bedroom clean up. I have abut 2 weeks before they come to start the renovations and I still have a lot of stuff to get put away. I will have to get gas today as the tank is almost empty, but the last time I bought gas was May 13, so I think I did well there!

I did order my new bathtub yesterday. It'll come in at around 1300 including delivery. Now to come up with the funds for the reno without getting into massive debt again. My biggest cost will be labour and plumbing. I get my mind peculating and see what happens.

On my to do list for this month is to find a rental cottage in Maine for few days. DD would like to go shopping in August and i figured that the cheapest way is to find a cottage rental so we can cook most of our meals there. So I'm on the hunt for that. Friends of ours may come too so that will help split the cost.


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