June 29 & 30

On Monday i spent 24.00 @ the grocery store on chips, local strawberries, whipping cream, a soup bone, bananas, carrots and milk.

Today I transferred 500 to DD's account for her trip, bought her another 50 pounds sterling, plus another 50 Euros ( total was 183.72 CDN). I paid 9.00 towards her waxing job, and she paid the rest. I also got gas 53.26 and a coffee 1.75. I need to get some funds from DD as she was supposed to get the money herself ( I figure I'll snag 50 from her to help pay for gas to the airport).

DD made an appointment @ a local salon for her appointment. We were 3 minutes late, and the Esthetician office was upstairs where the owner of the salon sent her. I was doing banking, etc, and I went to met her, and I heard DD calling my name from across the street. She waited 15 minutes for her appointment and the Esthetician was a no show! She left without saying anything as she was PO'ed and the owner wasn't there.

MY childhood BF saved the day ( she only does a few clients), and we have a strict promise not to go any where else!MY childhood BF became a grandmother a few weeks ago and I didn't want to disturb them ( hence the attempt to go else where)! I got to hold the new baby, feed her and make a fuss over how cute she is!

I got all my errands done but 1. I need to call my contractor and find out how far behind he is, so i can plan accordingly. I figure do to the no stop rain, my reno's won't begin until the end of July. DD's room is clean, so i can dismantle her bed while she's gone and tear out her closet while she's away. I figure that this can be done in a night and the repairs to the wall will take 2 or 3 nights. I need to buy a sheet of dry wall and tape, plus I still have lots of putty. I also have flooring left over so I'll get that done at the same time. ( It won't take very much flooring to fix the little spot.)

By getting rid of the small closet, I figure that it'll help the plan for the bathroom reno and closet get here even faster. I also managed to mark out where the fireplace will be and I also got the placement finalized for the new windows in the living and dining room.

I'll be glad when the work is finished... and I can have my house back. Tomorrow's plans are to get my papers organized and filed, plus finish the last of the laundry. I think I've done about 10 loads in the past few days and with the weather so crappy its all gone in the dryer. Plus my dehumidifyer is leaking from some where and I need to find it so I can get it up and running again.


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