I'm sick... June 15/09

Yep, I finally managed to catch a bug this year actually its a sinus infection that I can probably cure using my Netipot.

I went to work and ended up working an hour over time just getting things somewhat ready for the rest of the week. I wanted to go home sick but there was no one to cover 1 part of my job, so I went to my office, closed the door, cried for 2 minutes and got on with my day. I've already decided that I'm leaving early on Friday, I have to go to the lawyers office and DD has a hair appointment that afternoon.

I also managed to have another no spend day ( that's 4 so far this month) and my sister invited me over for supper so i didn't even have to cook! DD didn't come, as I'm annoyed with her right now, as she left the dog outside without water for 7 hours! I called the house and her cell 8 times and she never answered. ARHG>>> Her alarm clock will be set from now on... She was out with friends when I accepted the invite and I left her to fend for herself for supper.

I'm off to lay on the couch as I feel like crap and have very little energy. Tomorrow I have to work both jobs... But its more money for the jars, as I'll need to fill up tomorrow ( gas will increase on Thursday again).


moneyfunk said…
Well I hope you feel better real soon! :)
Canadian Saver said…
I hope you feel better!!

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