Friday June 26/09

Friday I worked both jobs. I managed to make 70 @ my PT job and had a few laughs too! Mt student loan status is correct, I'm under 4000 now! And for the first time ever in current memory, my assets at my bank are higher than my debts! Yes, and I shed a few tears of joy over seeing this!

The best part is that I'm officially on vacation now and have 9 days off with no work commitments. This will be the longest stretch in 2 years I'm allowed myself to take off. My plans are very simple for this week, cleaning the basement, getting DD ready for her trip, visiting with a few friends, and if the weather is good a day at the beach. Oh and a trip to the local ice cream place rain or shine. My biggest worry will be peanut butter or chez whiz on my toast!


Canadian Saver said…
Congrats on the student loan! It'll be paid off soon!!

9 days is a nice long stretch!!
Christine said…
Congrats on the Student Loan balance. I wish mine said that (its about $28K higher than that). LOL.

Have fun on your vacation!

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