Friday and Saturday June 19-0/09

Friday I left work early to do my errands. Looked for new glasses, didn';t like anything. Went to lawyers office, signed the papers, paid for DD's hair 39.00, bought my habit 17.49, worked and made 75.00.

Saturday I spent 67.00 @ Shoppers on butter x 4, pepsi x 4, saline solution, eye drops, sun screen, marshmallows x 2, hot dogs x 2. I used up the rest of the MC gift card and used 45 in cash. I got my bonus points so now I have enough for 75.00 worth of free stuff. The hot dogs and butter I froze. Plus my sister bought 4 more butter which we froze at my moms house. I deposited my cheque from the PT job and took out 40 for the graduation cards.

Today is Fathers day and i think we're going out for breakfast. I already gave my father his gift, I just have to give him his card.

Tomorrow its back to work and as of saturday morning @ 1:00 am I'm offically on vacation.


Canadian Saver said…
I thought of going to Shoppers too but I didn't want to go back out once I was home.

Butter was on for a great price!!

Only a few more days before your vacation!!! I'm so looking forward to Canada Day, will be such a nice break!

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