Wednesday, may 6/2009

Today I spent 1638.50 having the asbestos removed from my house! Good thing to spend my money on. The owner of the company called me at work today and asked if they could do it tonight. I had no plans except housework, so I was fine with it. However, I knew puppy would go crazy with strangers in the house, so I packed his bag and took him for a visit with my parents.

I don't have any plans to spend anything else today, but I have to go pick up my pay from my PT job, so I may go to the bulk barn while I'm out.

Note I did go to the Bulk Barn and spent 16.50 ( minus the 3.00 coupon that was in the local paper). So for 13.50 I spent- Easter chocolate for my desk-2.43, large oatmeal flakes .53 cents, steak spice .57 cents, 3 bones @ 2.49 each, and 2.215 kgs of baking soda for 4.16 ( cheaper than the grocery store 2 kgs for 4.99, 2kgs @ the BB for 3.76). I also needed a UPB cord for my new printer 33.89, plus 1.70 for a new dust pan from the dollar store. I did pick up my cheque from my PT job. It was for 178.76 ( I still need to deposit it).

I don't need anything tomorrow, so my money should be safe tomorrow. On Friday I'm going out for lunch with my co-workers, so I'll be spending money there ( actually I'll just have to leave the tip because of my credit from last week), plus I'll pay the Visa then, and I just may buy a coffee to celebrate Friday!


Anonymous said…
That is a very good thing to spend money on!! Well done you!
Canadian Saver said…
It must be a big relief, knowing the asbestos is out of the house... your renos are really going ahead nicely!
Thanks for the comments. I can't believe how well things are going with the house. I'm just waiting ever so patiently for the exterior to start and if the good weather keeps up it'll be sooner rather than later!

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