Two things knocked off the list!

I finally registered DD with medical alert. I should have done it about 2 years ago after she had a reaction to medication during surgery. But I chose not to as it was a means of denying what could have been.

I just made a link between what happened and my spending for 2007. I spent close to 7000 on a LOC that I used a a means of dealing with the issue, instead of facing it head on. Emotional spender I was at that time!

I also booked the appointment for the tires to be switched out for later on today. Now off to tend to my yard!

Ps I've edited this as I read what I had originally posted and was like nope change is ASAP. I just finished chatting with the couple i bought the house from. i think that they'd like to buy it back. However if they want to buy it, i think 125,00 is a good number.


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