Tuesday May 5, 2009

Today DD had a Dr's appointment first thing, so i got to work late. Work thought I wasn't coming in, so they were surprised when I walked through the doors.

DD was late getting home ( after 8, and she has an appointment for her eye brows, etc.) I also got mine done and it only costs us 20.00.

I did take 700 out of the bank for DD's trip this week, plus for Visa payment. I also made our appointment at the bank for next week. I've been preapproved for another Visa at my bank, so I'll get that done at the same time so DD has a back up source of money while she's in Europe. I'll hav e the Visa set with a low balance and so that she can't take out cash advances.

I did spend 10.17 @ a dollar store on 4 packages of poop bags, a book, a key chain for DD ( for her room key while she's away) and 2 little bags of chips.

I spent 30.50 @ the store on 3 packages of my addiction and a 6/49 ticket.

Today ( May 6th) should be a no spend day.


Canadian Saver said…
I think it's a good idea that she brings along a credit card with her in Europe, as anything can happen. Make sure she carries it in a money belt though!
I just want her to have it in case of an emergency. We have to get her money belt soon, she's trying to figure out how she can wear a money belt and a skirt? Any suggestions? Oh wait that's a good idea for a post.

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