Tuesday May 12, 2009

Yesterday I paid my tax bill it was close to 1200 for the year. I also gave DD 5.00 for an activity at school. Otherwise I did very little.

Today my plan is work, then to come home and clean the BBQ and do a bit of raking. I'm going to have to mow the lawn this week end, so I'll need to get that ready too!

DD and I are planning on going to see Star Trek tonight, as its the only evening she has free this week. (she baby sat Sunday, Monday Tuesday and is scheduled for Thursday night). I just hope I don't fall asleep!

I was also going to get groceries this week, but the only things I need are bread, milk, eggs,coffee, cat food,OJ and apples so I think I'll run and do this right after work tonight. Oh, i still never got any propane for the BBQ so i should do this today!

The movies will run me close to 30.00, the groceries 30.00 and the propane I'm guessing 50 if i do the tank exchange. So 110 should do it.


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