Thursday May 7, 2009

Today I managed to take my recyclables and got back 2.10. The depot was selling tickets on lobster for a local school fundraiser, so i used the 2.00 to buy 1 ticket, leaving myself up a dime. Other than that I didn't spend anything. I'm counting this as a no spend day, as I'm thinking that I'm still up a dime.

Tomorrow I've agreed to do something other than normal for me @ work, so I'll be working earlier than normal, but I'll be leaving earlier. My plan is come home to have a nap and then get ready to go to work number 2.

Around the house I tackled DD's bedroom this morning. It took me 1/2 an hour to clean everything off of the bedroom floor. I still need to go in and take movies, books etc off the bed and put them where they belong. this should take another 1/2 hour. I couldn't stand seeing her room the way it was anymore and it was causing me a ton of stress. I figured that while she was gone I'd take advantage.

I still have a pile of papers to sort though and file, so I'd like to get that done Saturday night, after I spend the day out of town, checking out possibilities for my up coming bathroom reno. ( I'm figuring it'll be close to Christmas before its done).

PS I just paid of the remainder of my NB student loan 600.00. So I'm going to update my side bar to reflect that!


Canadian Saver said…
I wish I had your energy to clean like you do and work 2 jobs!

Congrats on paying off your NB student loan!

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