Thursday may 21/09

I made it home safe and sound. I learned some new things at the conference I was at, and met some new people.

I did buy a new mini hair straightener for just under 40.00, I bought beers and spirits for 53.00 ( I brought all of this home with me and I suspect it'll last most of the summer), sunglasses 2/20, a watch 34.50, and a few other little things.

I did get to watch American Idol last night and enjoyed the down time. Puppy did not eat the entire time I was gone ( over 48 hours). He drank water but refused to eat. He also ran away from DD and was running around the neighbourhood for over an hour yeterday.He was a happy boy to see momma. LOL. I'll see DD later on tonight.

Tomorrow I'm on vacation, but I'll be doing outside work and buying a few things for the house. I also need to bath the puppy he's very dirty. i also have to take the rental car back but they'll drive me home tomorrow.

I'll catch up on everyone's blogs tonight and tomorrow. PS it must be close to 30C outside right now.


Canadian Saver said…
Glad you had a good conference! Too bad about puppy missing you so much though, poor him :-(

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