Thursday May 14, 2009

I spent 59.00 having the tires changed and the belts tightened in my car. I also spent 63.00 for groceries, 50 was cash the other 13 on my debit.

Things I accomplished yesterday were:

Finished raking the backyard and bagged the leaves. ( But the winds were very high yesterday so I have more now! LOL)

Cleaned the BBQ and checked the hoses. We had steak, potatoes and asparagus last night all cooked on the BBQ. YUMMY... While I was cleaning the BBQ, the dog was outside with me, I had 2 buckets of water to clean the BBQ with, both on top of the BBQ. The mailman came in the yard, the dog somehow manged to wrap himself around the BBQ and I ended up with a bucket of dirty water dumped all over my right foot, while the dog was dragging the BBQ towards the mailman.

Got the tires changed, medical alert ordered and paid bills. Plus the usual laundry and dishes. Oh and I bought groceries, and I forgot to get milk again.

Today DD has a hair appointment and I really need some new clothes for work. I'd like to spend about 100 on clothing ( I want 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts, plus maybe a sweater). So here's hoping that I can have a no spend day on Saturday at least.


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