Sunday morning take 1

I slept for about 4 hours before puppy was up for the day... Last night @ work we calculated how much i'll have paid back to student loan in the end. 51,000 was the total, 13000 for interest... At least I'm coming to an end of the payments soon.

Last night I realized that i need to buy a hair dryer and straightener. Why? Because in this house 2 women/girls, 01 hair dryer and 01 straightener, 1 mother leaving for 3 days = someone having crappy hair for 3 days. So I decided that to make our lives easier I'll buy my own. So, I'll probably drop close to 80 on these 2 items. I was going to have to buy them in a few weeks any was so it just bumped the purchase up.

So today will be another spend day, but I won't spend anything Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I'll be spending, and next week-end most likely. Plus i won't be working @ my PT job for the next 2 weeks. I only asked for 1 week but she gave me 2 so I'm not going to be too upset, I need the break.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday expenses will be paid for, so I'll be OK, and I'll be spending less for groceries this week too. I'll spend about 20 today on a few groceries for DD while I'm gone ( KD, milk, etc).

I must go and finish up a couple of things, I'll post later on on what i spent today!


Money Funk said…
Terrific on the Student Loan! Wanna take care of mine next? ;)
If I win the lottery this week i'll let you know!

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