Sunday May 3, 2009

Today I cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes, took DD out for breakfast, bought my fireproof safe, cleaned out the fridge ( I waste way too much food) and had a nap.

I spent 23.75 for breakfast ( next time I'll get the 3.99 special). ( cash)
I spent 73.43 @ CT for the safe and leaf bags.
I spent 70.00 on 3 fundraiser tickets ( 1 is for my mother for mothers Day, the other 2 are for me)
I spent 14.20 @ Shoppers on Pepsi, ragu and granola bars. ( cash)
I spent 35.00 @ Sobeys on granola bars, cat food, juice boxes, borax, sunlight bars of laundry soap, toothpaste and dental floss.

I did use my debit 3 times. Hum, maybe that'll be June's goal limited use of the debit.

Food tossed - grapes went moldy
- spinach went slimy
-deli ham went moldy
- 2 cukes went slimy
- piece of red pepper slimy
- sliced ham thawed last Monday not taking any chances
- 2 dozen eggs ( bought on sale in wishful thinking of baking more)

So I probably threw out at least 10.00 worth of food... I've got a problem... Its called being lazy and unmotivated. This week I'm going to eat whats here, and I'm not stepping foot in the grocery store until next Monday or Tuesday ( May 11 or 12). I need to eat what's here and considering I'll be here alone most of the week, I'll make things do.


Canadian Saver said…
I'm guilty of food wastage too!!

Good idea about the fireproof safe... if I kept more cash on hand, I'd probably get one too...
Hi CS, I bought the safe on my lawyers recommendation to store my will, mortgage papers, etc. I'm also going to store copies of photos, etc that are downloaded, just in case! Oh yeah, and passports, BC, etc.

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