Sunday May 17/09

Yesterday a friend called me early and I went for visit. I stayed for about 3 hours, had lunch and we laughed and had an awesome visit. I did go to shoppers and bought 4 packages of razors, 4 packs of TP, blistex, cereal, kool-aid jammers, powerade, tuna and milk. I got my 10.00 coupon back, which I've given to DD so she can buy some eye liners.

DD and I went to help out a freind who's a teacher. We painted a background set for her. It looked pretty cool when we finished. The same friend invited us over for supper. We supplied the carrots, caesar salad and dessert. ( Strawberries and cupcakes that were in the freezer) Plus I brought wine and Baileys/Kamora. My friend had bought a very small pork tenderloin and made kabobs out of it. Plus she had sausages and baked potaotes. It was awesome. We usually do this a couple of times of year, it never costs a ton of money and we have a lot of fun.

We stayed and watched most of the finalle of Survivour, and I won 10.00 from the pool I play in.
WE took a cab home for a cost of 5.00 ( which was money well spent in my books).

I then grated up a bar of sunlight laundry soap, added the baking soda and borax and I have my laundry soap made for the next couple of months. It literally took me 10 minutes start to finish this time and a cost of maybe 7.00 for 116 loads, so I've got it down to 6 cents/load. I'd say that darn good in my books.

Today will be spent finishing laundry, doing some outside owrk and packing for my trip. I'll also have to leave DD a list of things she'll have to do every day ( like feed the animals).

So far my weekend has been spent with family and friends, doing what I want instead of doing what has to be done.

PS my mother is bringing us lobster for our supper tonight. I can't wait!


Canadian Saver said…
Enjoy the lobster!!

Congrats on the Survivor pool! I lost my $20 :-( The pot was $80, and my sister won... it's actually her first time, so can't complain too much...

Sounds like a fun day with your friends!
Canadian Saver said…
I forgot to ask: is your laundry detergent liquid or powder? I haven't made any in a couple years, but I made the liquid (gel-ly) stuff that worked pretty well... it doesn't cost much per load, either way.
it's a powder. It smells pretty good too. I may have to try a liquid one soon. That could a project for the fall. I'd like to find a container at a yard sale.

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