Spending so far today

I spent 15.50 on supper ( KICK MY B**T for this one), gas 39.51, propane exchange 28.82, still have to pay for movies tonight.

DD and I got her banking done today. She deposited 340 into her new account and got her set up with a CC. She can't take cash out off the Visa and has a low limit.

Added bonus for today. I'm going to the conference next week, so I'm taking tomorrow off! The weather is supposed to be beautiful so it'll be a good day to spend outside!

I still haven't bought groceries, but there isn't really a need, tomorrow night will be BBQ steak with asparagus and potatoes. I might grill peppers and onions too.

I must go and clean a bit more, have a good night all!~


Canadian Saver said…
Ahh enjoy your day off!

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