Spending @ the movies

DD and i go to the movies together about 4 times a year. Last night we went to see Star Trek, which was fantastic BTW. However the cost was a tad expensive. It was 18.98 for the 2 of us to see the movie and 22.81 for the concession stand. I bought the Star Trek combo, and I bought her the nacho combo.

It was money well spent in my books. We got to hang out to together ( how many teens still like to go to the movies with their mom?) and see a movie that we've been excited to watch. Plus we had the added bonus of a great conversation on the way home. Who knew my DD remembered watching Star Trek from when she was 3 or 4 and loving Warf ( she said he reminded her of a dog when she was little).LOL

Today looks like it will be amazing and I've got lots to do. I'll be tired but happy tonight knowing that I've accomplished a lot on my to do list!


Money Funk said…
I can't wait to see Star Trek this weekend! Glad to hear it is good.

It is nice when you can catch a good moment with a teen. Cuz we know it is hard to do. lol!

So, I'd say that it was money well spent. To save money, we sneak in hot dogs we make and bottled drinks. Also, the candy that we buy at Walgreens that costs 3/$1.00.
Ah money funk, I usually bring our own pop and just buy the popcorn, but last night I felt like treating DD. she was very surprised and told me I didn't have to spend the money, but once in while we have to live. LOL

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