Spending May 8 and 9/2009

Friday I spent 3.25 on coffee for myself and a co-worker. I made 47.00 in tips last night.

Today I spent 57.70 on material for curtains for my living room ( 20 meters @ 2.49.metre, it looks like raw silk).

I spent 256.93 @ Costco. I bought baby shower gifts, bed sheets, hummus ( x3), strawberries( x3), garbage bags, 2 books, gardening gloves, a dog bed, asparagus, yogurt, cleaning wipes, dental floss and since I left my reciept at my moms I can't remember what else.

I did try on sneakers but didn't buy them. I loved the Merrill's but not the price tag ( 120.00). If i decided that I want them, I'll get my family to get them for me.

I loved lots of stuff but couldn't past with my money ( which is a good thing).


Canadian Saver said…
I am due to go to Costco too! Love shopping there, but hate the big price tag that comes along with it...

Happy Mothers' Day!

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