Saturday May 30/09

Today I spent 6.50 for supper ( which I ended up sharing with the dog) and 39.13 at the store. I did make 64 tonight at the restaurant. I slept most of the day and read for a while. My house is a disaster but I needed to just relax today. I only work 1 shift @ my PT job next week, so I'm happy about that! I have all week to get things done, as next Sunday I want to go to the beach if the weather cooperates. Tomorrow my sister and I are going to buy our season passes for our closest National park, plus i have the baby shower to go to. DD will be home tomorrow afternoon.

I didn't met my goal of 12 no spend day ( I think i had 4 in total). Let's hope June is better!


Canadian Saver said…
With all you do during the week, you deserve some time off on the weekend! Hope you enjoyed the park :-)

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