Saturday May 16/09

Today I spent 102.00 on 9 t-shirts, yes i bought 9 because I'm tired of waiting til they go on sale and they never have my size left. They were on sale 3/30, and I picked up 6 and when I went to pay for them, the price was 30 dollars less than I expected. So i went back and picked up 3 more. Crazy i know but they're the quality i like and I haven't bought a new t-shirt in 2 years. I bought 2 white, 2 black, 1 navy and the other 4 are summer colors. I also bought a blouse and 2 cami's, plus a white blouse, but I'm going to return the white one. That was just under 100, but I'll get about 30 back.

It was dead tonight, i made 35.00, which I'll designate towards stuff at Shoppers tomorrow. I also gave 5.00 towards a departure gift for a co-worker from my PT job.

Since its going to rain all day tomorrow i plan on doing inside work, like taking all my art work off the walls and storing it until the renos are completed. I'll take a few curtains down too, and I want to reorganize the pantry.

this morning i completed my excel sheet of my debt repayment. It looks like March of 2011 I'll have all of my consumer debt paid off, plus i'll have close to 3,000 in savings.


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