Satuday May 23, 09

Today i spent 112.53 @ Shoppers on face stuff, PH stuff, water, cat food and allergy medication, plus a few grocery items. I also spent 40.60 on groceries, including 2 huge pack of ground beef, 2 big pack of sausages, milk, spinach, strawberries and something else.

I volunteered at DD's school function yesterday and had a lot of fun. I also had a nap and chatted to a few friends. Today will laundry day and baking. I also need to get ready for the week and get DD organized for her trip later on this week. I'm making a game plan for the house and i hope to order my tub tomorrow. I'm also going to figure out what I have left to pay and put another amount on my student loan ( yes I'm obsessed with getting that sucker paid off now).


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