Mother's Day May 10, 2009

Today I spent money for food after work. It came to 29.00, but there's enough food for 3 meals left over so its not too bad. I'll have to break down and buy groceries tomorrow night so I'll defiantly be spending money then.

I talked to my mom on the phone and DD went to her house for supper, but I worked. I came home with a bit of money so all is not lost.

This work week I'm only working at my PT job one night on the week-end. I'm taking the week nights off as I'm tired and feeling rushed in all areas of my life. Next week I'm not work at my PT job at all and working 2 days at my FT job, then I'll be off for 4 whole days! I will be getting things finished both inside and outside of the house.

But I'll have to budget very carefully as I'll have about 200 dollars less than normal. I guess that means no take out for the rest of the month. LOL.

This morning I'm going to get a couple more loads of laundry completed and I'll get the lunches ready. Tonight's supper will be leftovers, so that's one less thing to worry about.

This week I've got to go to the Dr and this is my year to start getting a mammogram, plus all the blood work, etc they like to do when you turn 40 (I still have a few months to go, but I know its coming). Plus I know the lecture my Dr. will give me, quit smoking, reduce your stress, lose weight, eat better, exercise more. I always say to her, yes I do know what I supposed to do, but I'm choosing not to, so please spare me the lecture.

So I'm off to the races once again for another week, but I'm hoping for good weather so i can finished a few things outside this week and have a day this week-end to do nothing but relax one day.


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