The month of MAY

The month of May will be a busy one in my home. DD leaves next week for 5 days for a school function. While she's away she's hoping to go shoe shopping, so she'll get 200 for meals and shoes. ( with the understanding that whatever she doesn't use gets passed on to the next event).

Her school drama production is in late May, which will means taking meals to her for 5 or 6 nights depending on how everything goes. ( She normally stays at school to ensure everything is on track for the production).

The end of May she's off again to a National conference, which everything but her spending money is covered ( I figure 100 is good, with the understand that what's not spent comes home).

We both have Dr.'s appointments, and she will babysit in between her other commitments. I'll continue both jobs, but will look at taking a vacation day or 2 soon.

Plus I need to readjust my budget and get some better numbers plugged in.

I want to have 12 no spend days, plus save 50 dollars more than I do right now! I think that's enough for right now.

I have mothers day ( 35), plus play tickets to pay for (20), tires to change ( 75.00), plus pay for the unhooking of the fireplace ( 200), plus 200 for reinstalling the fire place in July ( 200).


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