Monday May 4, 2009

Yesterday i didn't spend any money so I'm 2/4 so far this month. I will be spending today however. I'll withdraw 640 from the bank, 200 for DD, 40 for me, 400 for Visa ( unless DD's father has finally put his share of the trip in the bank HA HA, you think I'd be used to him not coming through after all these years, but I'm always hopeful).

I was up around 4:30 yesterday ( thanks to puppy), so i did laundry, took something out for supper and swept the floors. Work was busy as usual and I was home @ my normal time. I raked 2 bags of leaves as soon as I came home ( I knew if i didn't i would flop on the couch). I cooked supper and picked up DD from school @ 7:30ish. Oh and I cleaned under the fridge as the ants were crazy, and I discovered that some thing sweet was spilled under it and never got cleaned until yesterday.

I did speak to my direct supervisor about taking time off in May and he was fine with it, but i came to find out later in the day that some of my co-workers are going to a conference that week, so I may not get the time off. ( I was a bit annoyed, as there's a huge white board that people are supposed to mark everything on but some never do). So we'll wait and see.

I also got my bank statements yesterday, and I only used my debit card in stores 9 times in April, but I do a lot of banking on line ( paying bills, etc.). I also made 4 cash withdrawals in that time frame.


Canadian Saver said…
That's too bad about your days off in May, I hope it can still be worked out! At least we have a long weekend coming up soon !!
I'm still not sure whats going to happen, but we'll wait and see. I'll have 2 days off the long week-end!

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