Monday May 11, 2009

Today i paid 380 on the Visa, 115 on the hydro and gave 10 to a fund at work for a co-worker who lost his home to a fire recently. Oh and I gave 2.00 to a fundraiser for the local food bank. I also spent 19.50 @ the store. But I did win 4.00 on a scratch ticket.

Today at home i accomplished laundry, and the dishes. I also hooked up my new printer tonight in about 5 minutes. I still have more laundry to do and I did nothing outside tonight. Tomorrow is another day.

I got my final number for my new mortgage. it's just under 280.00/ bi-weekly. And my NB student loan is still showing on my banking info, but I figure it'll be a few days before it shows a balance of zero. That leaves 6042 left to pay.


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