May 1, 2009

So far today I've spent/ paid off:

Irving service call- 144.64 ( the removal of the fireplace and tank until the exterior is completed).
MC -1974.06 for my new computer and printer.
Bank -100 Euros-164.12 (CDN)
Bank -100 pounds-182.76(CDN)
Land Titles & Deeds-1,983.28
Mortgage fees - 840.54
Title insurance -149.00

Plus 2.00 for coffee.

I divided the money into separate accounts for now!

I have a hole in my living room wall that I need some insulation for and drywall ( from the fireplace), plus i need to remove the old floor and put down new sub- floor ( This will take less than an hour).

That's it, I'm off and I probably won't post again until Sunday.


Anonymous said…
Have a great weekend! :)
Canadian Saver said…
Congratulations on getting your will done! With dependants, that's very important. Even me, as a single person, should get it done asap... I keep putting it off though!

Good job :-)

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