I made a huge error!

Some how I missed 1 little piece of information 2 weeks ago while completing my mortgage stuff. I was under the impression that the company was going to pay this years tax bill. Wrong! The amount that was designated for this years tax bill was put towards the buy out of the principle of my last mortgage.

Good thing I checked the papers that came yesterday! So today I'm off to pay the tax bill! I'm really glad that I didn't pay off the complete student loan yet, because I'd be scrambling to pay the tax bill!

So I have the funds for the new bathtub after the rest of the expenses and that's pretty much it. ( I'll have to sit down and rejig the numbers later on!

I feel like such an idiot right now! But things could be a whole lot worse... I could have spent every cent shopping and be in a real pickle!


Money Funk said…
You are just extremely lucky to have found that error (and have the money to cover it). Amen!
Money Funk, I'm so glad I'm no longer an ostrich about my finances! I open and read everything now, but a few years ago i would have shoved it in a drawer unopened! I'm so glad that I designated my money that I have for my renovations! ( I did use some to pay for the new computer and a few other things).

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