Friday May 15/09

Yesterday I worked late, as I had catch up to do from being off on Thursday. DD got her hair cut 47.85 was the total. We BBQed again last night. I made pizza bread on the BBQ , along with potatoes and pork chops. DD and I have decided this summer is going to be 100 days of BBQ, so I've just set myself another goal.

I decided to put 1200 towards was student loan yesterday, so by Tuesday morning the number will be under 5,000. Plus I'm going to increase the payment amount so I'll have it paid off even quicker. If my plan holds up, I'll have that sucker paid by the end of August at the latest. Which means that I'll have my LOC paid off even earlier than I thought. I'm still going to increase my mortgage payment the day my student loan is paid off.

Today DD and my sister are going shopping, so I'm staying here and getting things knocked off the to do list. Plus I'd like to go look for some clothes too.


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