Dreaming of a new car

On Wednesday morning while driving DD to school, she turned and looked at me and said "in three months I'll be starting grade 12". To which I replied yep, and I'll still be driving the same car that I bought when you were in Kindergarten. She laughed, and I mentioned that I'll probably have to get a new vehicle next year. She agreed, and went on to say I guess it really doesn't matter what you get now, as I won't be home much longer after that.

Which brings me to my thoughts of what do I want in my next vehicle? I definitely want something that I can put the puppy's kennel in the back or truck. Plus I'd like something that is good on gas and comes with a good warranty ( if i buy new).

My plan in regards to a new vehicle is to start researching now and maybe even take a few models for test drives to see what I really like ( over the next 6 months or so). When I buy new vehicle ( or new to me), I'll have to have the majority of the LOC paid off, if not entirely. I'm figuring July 2010 will be the month for a new car, but who knows? I may decided to push for 1 more year out of my little beast and wait until 2011.


Canadian Saver said…
It would be so neat if you could get it to last until 2011!! I hear you on wanting new right now though...

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