Wednesday, April 29/2009

Work was interesting. For the next month or so I'm going to get some training in yet another area (I'm so excited about this). They asked me this morning and my response was Yep, I love a challenge and I like to learn new stuff! So a few of the things I do know will be sompleted by someone else on a temporary basis.

I did spend money today.

Gas. 43.25
Groceries - 24.79 and I forgot to get milk...

DD and I went to check out shoes @ Payless and it was a no go. Nothing fit right, so we passed on buying any thing. I'll have to go halves on new shoes for her, as all she owns are heels, sneakers and boots, not a pair of flats.

Tomorrow is pay day and the next day I get my new mortgage. Its going to be very weird to see money in the bank, but it;ll be really sweet to leave it all there for a few days!


Anonymous said…
I really like payless. Those American Eagle flats are cute!!
FD, DD loves AE flats normally, but the toe box was too small. ( Her big toe sticks up and tends to wear the toe area out first). She's going away possible on Sunday and for 5 days next week so she may have better luck in a bigger area.

My town is very limited for shoe shopping, 2 private ones that are for older folk and 2 chain stores, plus Zellers and Wal-mart.

I'm hoping she'll have luck at Winners or another store. She'll be traipsing all over Europe in about 8 weeks ( if the trip doesn't end up canceled because of the swine flu. I'd like her to have something besides converse or 4 inch heels to wear.

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