Very quick post

Ok, Had a great week-end, including the snow storm. LOL Rested adn got lots done around the house. Worked both jobs, yesterday, gave 10 to a BBQ fund, plus DD money for lunches 15.00. My new computer was shipped on Monday! Yeah. Still no money from DD's father. :( DD now saying she wants to cancel the trip. Mom will lose 2,000 if she cancels. Pray that she decides to go.

I still have cash in the bank and its close to pay day. I have bills to apy, but things are looking up. OH yeah DD's cell phone finally died, cost to replace it cheapest price 175.00, but if i can find an old phone from the same company, they'll just switch the number.

Puppy is doing well, and physio is going well too!

I'm getting excited about my new computer! I should have it up and running by Friday night, and I intend to read bogs for about 4 or 5 hours then!

See you soon!


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