Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April is almost gone, it went by in a blur.

I have my final number for my new mortgage payment 272.39 bi-weekly. I'm currently paying about 218.00, so its gone up by 65.00/ payment. I'm happy about increasing my debt load for once though as my property value will increase, as will the resale value.

I worked at my PT job last night, and there are a few conferences happening in town. It was very busy and I made 65.00 in 4 hours ( plus my wages). Yeah for me. That money will go for gas and my tire change.

I also agreed to work Mothers Day's for a few hours, on the condition that I'm first to leave when it gets quiet. I did give up my Tuesday shift for next week, but I'm not disappointed.

I also didn't spend any money yesterday ( day 3 of no spending for the month). I was too tired to stop any where last night. I tried to watch Fringe but fell asleep in the chair.

I'll need to tweak my budget again to adjust for the new mortgage amount but it'll be so worth it.

Plus Mother's Day is coming up and I have a plan on what to get for my mom. I'd like to get her gift tonight while we're out if possible.


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