Sunday April 26, 2009

On Sunday I cleaned floors, did laundry, raked a bit, and went to Wally Mart.

I bought swiffer wet wipes for the floors ( as I'm being lazy and the thought of having to scrub the floors every day tires me out), ant traps ( They're under my sink already), a towel and seam binding. I use a Vilda mop and I went to buy a new cloth for it yesterday 11.00 was the price! So I decided that I'd make my own this up coming week-end from the towel and seam binding. Wish me luck. If they turn out I'll try to post some photos.

I also ate @ A& W ( 5.50). I really don't like to cook for just me, but I can't live on fast food or toast when its just me.

This week I have training on Thursday and Friday, so I'll have to fit my regular duties @ work in somehow. Plus this morning I have a meeting that starts @ 9:00 and will probably last most of the day.

Tonight I plan on taking the dog for a walk when i get home from work, cooking supper and doing more yard work.

On the bonus side of life, my daffodils and tulips should bloom this week, plus my violets are out in full force. I also need to transplant the Thyme thats growing in my little herb garden, as Its way too big, but if i plant it behind the box, it'll smell great every time someone walks on it.


Money Funk said…
Speaking of laundry I saw that you make your own soap. When you add your essential oil, do you just mix it with all the dry ingredients? What scents do you use?

Happy Monday!
Money Funk, I just add the oil right in. It clumps a bit but when i toss it in the washer i never see it. Julie @ towards sustainability makes a liquid one too. I grow lavender and lemon balm and I'm going to dry it this year and add to my soap after harvest time.

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